Nova atualização para Fighting EX Layer já está disponível | Novos personagens e mais


Uma nova atualização está disponivel para Fighting EX Layer. A versão 1.04 (1.1.0 para a produtora) foi lançanda hoje pela produtora Arika. Esse update adiciona os personagens DLC gratuitos: Pullum Purna e Vulcano Rosso, assim como dois novos cenários.

Confira abaixo imagens dos novos personagens:

Fighting EX Layer

Patch notes:

Version 1.1.0 Adjustments, Fixes, and Changes
  • The following Gougi were adjusted:
    • Aggro
    • Desperation
    • Meter Power
    • Heads or Tails
    • EX Arrow
  • The makeup of the Babel Deck was changed.
  • The corner system was fixed.
  • The range on cross-ups was fixed.
  • The following Normals were adjusted:
    • Shirase (stMP)
    • Kairi (stHP, crHP)
    • Garuda (stMP, crHP)
    • Skullomania (crHP)
    • Doctrine Dark (crHP)
    • Blaire (crHP)
    • Jack (crHP)
    • Shadowgeist (crHP)
    • Hayate (crHP)
    • Sanane (stMP, stHP, crHP)
    • Hokuto (stMP)
  • The following characters had certain Special Moves adjusted:
    • Kairi
    • Garuda
    • Allen
    • Skullomania
    • Shirase
    • Hokuto
  • Shirase, Hokuto
    • The move [Shin] had its invincibility time altered and it is now throwable.
  • Garuda
    • [Kienbu]’s hitbox has been adjusted.
  • Darun
    • [Darun Catch] was adjusted.
    • His hurtbox while in a blowback state was adjusted.
    • [Twilight Lariat] was adjusted.
  • Doctrine Dark
    • MP, MK, HP, and HK all had their damage adjusted.
    • His hurtbox while in a blowback state was adjusted.
    • [EX Prominence] had its hit property adjusted.
  • Skullomania
    • [Skullohead] had its damage adjusted.
    • [Skullodive] had its damage adjusted.
  • Blaire
    • MP, MK, HP, and HK all had their damage adjusted.
    • crHP was adjusted on hit.
    • [Sliding Arrow] will now work on opponents who have Hades activated.
  • Jack
    • [Crazy Jack Upper] was adjusted on hit.
  • Sanane
    • Along with the new changes to the corner system, [Kasumi-Oroshi] has been adjusted.
  • Hayate
    • LP and MP versions of [Kamaitachi] had their startup frames adjusted.
    • HP version of [Kamaitachi] had its damage adjusted.
    • [Oborozuki] had its damage adjusted.
    • [Tsumujikagerou: Kyoku] had its damage adjusted.
    • *[Kamaitachi] also had its animation corrected.
  • The situations after the following throws were adjusted.
    • Kairi: Forward Throw
    • Shirase: Forward Throw, Back Throw
    • Allen: Forward Throw
    • Jack: Command Throw
    • Blaire: Forward Throw, Back Throw
    • Sanane: Forward Throw, Back Throw
    • Hokuto: Forward Throw, Back Throw
  • An error where one would end up behind their opponent after throwing them in the corner was fixed.
  • Text Messages were added to Arcade Mode.
  • Two additional Characters (Vulcano Rosso and Pullum Purna) were added.
  • The voice actors for Vulcano Rosso and Pullum Purna have been added to the credits.
  • Expert Missions were added for Vulcano Rosso and Pullum Purna.
  • Color Type A for Vulcano Rosso and Pullum Purna has been added.
    • *Color Type: Gold has not been added.
  • CPU versions of Vulcano Rosso and Pullum Purna were added.
  • Two additional stages were added. (There are variations of these stages, so four were added in total.)
  • The appearance conditions for certain CPU opponents in Arcade Mode have been changed.
  • Sanane’s move [Yayoi Tougong] was difficult to see on some stages, so the shading has been fixed.
  • The Player Information display has been fixed when entering a Casual Match.
  • Fixes to 1-Bar Connections: As a test in Version 1.1.0, 1-Bar Connections will be able to match with others and appear on search results so long as they meet their opponent’s search criteria.
Fixes to the Fighting Game Engine
  • Invincibility was added to the recovery period after teching a Throw.
  • Fixed an issue where Garuda’s [Kienbu] would slow down when moving forward.
  • Fixed an issue where D.Dark’s [Dark Shackle] would grab opponents who were not supposed to be able to be grabbed..
  • Fixed an issue where Hard Attack (Guard Break) was not being affected by the Gougi [Critical].
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of Critical would reset the moment a Command Throw was used.
  • The effect of Disrupt was fixed so [Throws are not affected by increases to Attack Power. They will only consume 1 bar of Super Meter.]
  • Fixed an issue where Easy Combos would come out after inputting Command Normals from a Dash.
Fixes to the System
  • Fixed an issue in Training Mode where setting a CPU opponent without meter to perform a reversal Super Combo would cause them to perform the action the moment they built up enough meter.
  • Fixed an issue where CPU opponents were able to block moves on landing that they should not have been able to block.
  • Fixed an issue where the Reversal message wasn’t shown after performing repeated Reversal attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where continuing to search above your own rank on the Leaderboard would cause an connection error.
  • Fixed an issue where both players would get desynced at the start of a Ranked Match.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players would proceed to the game even after receiving a time-out error in an Online Match.
  • Fixed an issue where a small memory leak would occur when going to different screens from the Main Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the effects in the Intro would disappear 1F before the Intro ended
  • Fixed an issue where your character would slide across the screen during their intro against Shadowgeist.
  • Fixed an issue where the game wouldn’t proceed to the Victory Screen after KO’ing an opponent with D.Dark’s back throw.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would disappear from the Options menu in Training Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the tabs would go dark in the Option menu in Training Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where holding down a button and closing the Pause menu would make that button not work in game.
  • Fixed an issue where holding down a button and closing the Pause menu would make it so that button would register as being pressed.
  • Fixed an issue where accepting a Casual Match invitation from the Expert Mode ending screen would cause you Matching Status to disappear on returning to the Main Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sound Effects would repeat upon building a bar of Super Meter.
  • Fixed an issue where the playback wouldn’t be centered when changing the Character Voice volume in the Options menu.
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